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IATAI is not your typical FinTech & InsurTech company

Our passion is the discovery of new dimensions, new concepts and disruptive innovations. We explore unprecedented prospects in the search of solutions that make both, consumers’ and merchants’ lives easier. We don’t stop at the obvious solution.

We go further. Living next & Leading next aren’t just two catchy phrases. They’re our mantra.
  • We believe that partnerships are our most valuable asset, so we build International Strategic Alliances that allow us to constantly and efficiently deliver visionary business models. Visa, Cybersource, Amadeus, Arch Underwriting at Lloyd’s, Chubb, VTEX, and Salesforce are some of our worldwide partners.

    With presence in Silicon Valley, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, we deliver user-friendly and successful mobile platforms to help businesses around the globe achieve their goals.

    Mobile Technology

    as a spinal cord

    Our visionary and disruptive business models use the latest technologies and payment processing innovations as vertical integrations, managed by our "Cloud Switch" by allegra, IATAI’s transactional platform. All these and more, in order to create the best products, services, and access to all-in-one solutions.

    "Mobilizing - Omni Channel" is the concept that gave birth to onepocket by allegra, IATAI’s exclusive and innovative mobile payment method that uses Visa Checkout to enable electronic payments using almost any debit card and all major credit cards, in combination with reward points, gift points, and opens a world of opportunities with handy mCard, the first intelligent and universal mobile card.

    It also enables shoppers to do single or split payments, using their reward points and bank points, according to their payment preferences. It delivers a simple, agile, user-friendly shopping, electronic payment experience.

    Here, users also find handy mCard, the first mobile, smart, universal card that allows access to all kinds of services, shopping with permanent discounts and protection locally and abroad.

    IATAI strives to add value & benefits
    beyond transactions


    The onepocket rewards program offers additional points besides the ones earned with your bank and credit card's loyalty programs.

    Assurance on the go

    We assure eCommerce and people's activities providing protections and guaranties around transactions. Everything, every time, everywhere.

    Concepts that define us

    & sets us apart!

    "Uberization of everything"

    IATAI is also developing a mobile platform that connects users to all sorts of services that meet their day-to-day needs. From home, cars, pets, restaurants, rides, etc.

    "Mobilizing – Protection"

    When you're traveling or in your daily life, handy mCard protects you in all your activities ­– anytime, anywhere.

    IATAI Enterprises is backed by CASEIF III LP, a Private Equity Fund.

    The investors of CASEIF III LP are: the International Finance Corporation – IFC, of World Bank Group; Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries – NORFUND; Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets – SIFEM; Impact Investing SME Focus Fund – IIF SME LP of UBS Bank, both of them managed by OBVIAM AG; Dutch development bank – FMO; Andean Development Corporation – CAF; Madagascar Biodiversity Fund – FAPBM; and LAFISE Group – LAFISE.

    Vision and Creativity

    We explore new dimensions by experimenting with different prospects. Our new concepts function dynamically in the markets by applying new technology and improving our abilities in order to offer the best solution, always.

    Motion Life Lab

    Our creative lab is constantly looking for new trends, systematization of knowledge, analysis of social behavior, and consumer habits. The team in our Silicon Valley Headquarters recently launched our new mobile transactional platform:

    The Cloud
    Switch & Commerce

    The financial services industry is more complex than ever, with numerous issues impacting the marketplace—elevated customer expectations, making use of big data, the shifting compliance landscape, information security threats and technology-driven disruption, just to name a few.

    allegra at Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a platform to develop secure and innovative solutions to increase customer and shareholder value and to expand competitive advantage.

    allegra by IATAI is an official technological partner of Visa and Cybersource for the payment processing, monitoring, fraud control, tokenization, implementation and distribution systems of the Visa Checkout platform, offering a 360º solution for businesses and consumers.

    The work between IATAI, Visa and Cybersource resulted in an elaborated platform for the safe processing of electronic payments, supported by continuous hacking control, monitoring and fraud protection and chargebacks.

    The omnichannel platform processes transactions from multiple payment channels with an enabled IP (web navigator, mobile navigator, POS or IVR) from any part of the world, accepting payments via any digital avenue in more than 190 countries.

    CI Secure Acceptance

    Web / Mobile

    It allows you to safely accept payments from the web or mobile navigators, from all over the world, with no need to handle any payment sensible data.

    The elimination of payment data from your web is the best way to ensure the security of your customers’ confidential payment information. The token method used by Cybersource replaces confidential payment data with a tracker or unique token which can not be mathematically reverted. Actual payment data are safely stored at the Cybersource data centers operated by Visa.

    Decision Manager

    It is the fraud management platform featuring the largest fraud radar in the world. It offers 200 times fraud visibility, even for major retailers.

    CI Payment Platform

    Capacity to perform transactions in over 190 countries and 23 currencies.

    Accepts regional and universal cards and local payment methods to maximize sales.

    Connection with approximately 100 processors all over the globe.

    Visa Checkout uses multiple security levels including fraud monitoring systems, encrypted tokens and eliminates many of the disturbing elements over payment processes.

    The platform allows in-person and remote payment.

    allegra works with most credit cards issued by major banks worldwide. You will only need to register your cards into the app and start shopping online.

    Admits recurring, subscription, and installment payments.

    Payment data is wired directly from the customer to Cybersource, minimizing the PCI DSS reach, and it never reaches your systems. Payment data is stored in Cybersource safe data centers and is exchanged using a safe token.

    It is not possible to revert algorithm-generated tokens of exclusive property.

    Data intelligence over more than 60 million transactions that Visa Inc. and Cybersource process each year.

    True transactions data from payment processors by Visa Inc. and global commerce base.

    Access to more than 260 fraud detectors using digital prints from devices, IP geolocation and other data.

    More than 10 risk prediction models by region and industry.

    Intelligence on risk database from all transactions in each continent.

    Visa Checkout uses multiple security levels including fraud monitoring systems and encrypted tokens.

    Hacker Proof by Comodo Secure
    is the cloud-based malware scanning system and trusted seal for all businesses websites

    The best proactive defense against malware attacks in the industry.

    Controls over 45,000 attack vulnerabilities.

    Blacklist monitoring

    Comodo trusted seal on website.

    Daily malware analysis.

    Immediate problem notification.

    PCI - DSS analysis included in eCommerce websites.

    Cloud-based scanning and error search based on the user’s interface.

    Visa IntelliLink Certified Partner / Visa Commercial format (VCF) and / or Enhanced Data Global Travel Agent Specification (GTA)

    Recently, IATAI was certified by Visa to offer banks and their corporate clients a new solution that helps them to reduce the existent complexity regarding travel information conciliation, payment information and associated expenses. This has always been a major issue for companies.

    The process demands a secure connection with Visa exchange data servers and to comply with the standards and specific technical certified file requirements.

    Through the exchange of this information, IATAI is enabled and technically certified to send and receive financial information. A solution thought for banks and their customers, providing them access to information related to travelling and associated expenses.

    allegra by IATAI /
    Visa Payment Facilitator

    A framework for merchant aggregation

    The model aggregation by Visa covers all types of commerce, including in-store and eCommerce. It helps to increase card acceptance for merchants who don’t count on a traditional shopping relationship.

    Key participants of this model are the purchaser, the payment facilitator and the sponsored merchant.

    An aggregator (before, Payment Service Provider) is a third agent who may sign a trade agreement on behalf of the acquiring entity.

    Through this license, currently IATAI offers platform and processing solutions for the Payment Facilitator, PSP and Merchant of Record models.

    The exclusive and innovative mobile payment method using Visa Checkout that enables electronic payment using any debit or credit cards registered in the app.

    It also enables shoppers single or split payments using their shopping points and bank points according to their payment preferences.

    How does onepocket work?

    Pay safely with

    Create a simple, agile electronic payment and shopping experience. onepocket works with major credit cards. Customers need only to add their credit cards to the app and start shopping online.

    Here, the user finds handy mCard, the first mobile, smart, universal card that allows access to all kinds of services, shopping with permanent discounts and protection locally and abroad. Through the Cyber Risk Protection Program, it safeguards the user's sensible data.

    In addition, cards that may not be added via Visa Checkout have the option to be tokenized using the onepocket function and pay online in an easy way.


    The onepocket rewards program offers additional points besides the ones earned with your bank and credit cards loyalty programs.

    Rewards program by onepocket. Offers points up to 5% of the purchase value in addition to the points earned through the user’s credit card loyalty program.

    All in a single app available any moment, any time.

    The first mobile smart card, a universal card allowing access to all types of services and purchases at permanent discount rates.

    Visa and allegra open up a whole world of opportunities with handy mCard,

    the first mobile, smart, universal card allowing access to all types of services and purchases at permanent discount rates; it offers insurance on daily activities, travel insurance and protects the users’ sensible data using the Cyber Risk Protection program.

    allegra opens up a world of opportunities to its users with handy mCard,

    the first intelligent, and universally accepted mobile card that gives you access to all kinds of services courtesy of handy U, let's you shop in allegra.market, book trips with allegra travel and get benefits including permanent discounts and rewards on all your purchases.

    Additionally, handy mCard covers your in all your daily activities anywhere in the world thanks to a series of protections exclusively designed for our customers.

    handy mCard is the realization of the all-in-one concept by IATAI, a groundbreaking method in the existing market and exclusive property of allegra by IATAI.

    The first all-in-one app that instantly connects users with solution suppliers for their offices, vehicles, medical assistance, restaurants, transportation services and many more.

    When traveling or in your everyday activities, everything is easier with handy

    Need a doctor?

    Your luggage got lost or your flight is delayed?

    Need an electrician, a plumber, or automotive assistance?


    Multiple services near the users to make their day-to-day easier.

    From your app, instantly find solutions for your office, vehicle, medical assistance, restaurants, transportation services, and much more.

    An exclusive online medical service with a unique attention model developed by IATAI.

    It connects doctors with international travellers in need of immediate medical assistance globally, 24/7.

    No need of previous paperwork.

    Protects the client at all times, offers necessary help, provides advice when required, always answers your calls and has at hand all important solutions when travelling.

    & Shops

    An entire ecosystem that accepts Visa Checkout at your reach.

    It helps users when they need it most, with a single touch, they get personalized assistance. No need to call, it only requires data or WiFi.

    Activating your mCard, your Schengen Proof of Coverage will be always available in your app.

    Also, you will have access to: My Benefits
    and Transactional History.

    We want to hear from you